Friday, February 18, 2011

Time for paint...

Well, I'm sitting down to take a bit of a break.  I've been at it since 0400, 16 long hours ago, and am planning on pressing on through.  The case of monster Kalten won at the Neo Power Series final last fall is looking mighty tempting, but alas, if I drink one of those my welding will look like a guy with Parkinson's was wielding the torch.

So, here's a quick update...

a good portion of the day was spent gathering, setting up, tearing down and boxing up the booth and supplies for the show.  I normally have it all stored together and ready to go, but with the move the pieces parts seemed to scatter all over the place...some in the shop, some in the garage, etc...  I was glad to see the booth left at UPS and get back to the bikes.

After a brief nap last night, I began masking and prepping the parts and spraying the first of three coats of sanded primer.  What do I have to show for the effort, a box full of goodies; frame, forks, bars, and a pair of Hot Rods.  I'm hoping to have four more pair of cranks done in time to take to the show, they are at the heat treaters now, then off to plating, then to paint on Wednesday, whew!

The reduced size of the bake box means the items fume off and harden more quickly, but the smaller space makes putting wet parts in a bit like playing Operation; don't touch the sides or BUZZZZZ, start over ;)

And a little clue on my inspiration for the three paint schemes

If the bikes are late coming back from the painter, I've got no one else to blame.  Too bad, that excuse seems so convenient. 

More tomorrow during the next break.



rmb said...

I'm tired just reading this, can't wait to see.

Roy said...

Oh, that looks sooo nice, just came back late last night from a long weekend of snowboarding in the Alps. Feeling kinda quilty having fun when you're working so hard to get it all done. Major big thanks for the build so far ........ and thanks for the paint clues ;-)
All the best from Holland