Saturday, February 26, 2011

NAHBS update, sort of

Hello.  Christi here.  Rody and our son Kalten left Ohio right before a delightful winter storm and an additional 6" of snow to fly to sunny Austin, Texas, for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show..  It was a push to get bikes painted/assembled/packed, and get them out the door at 4:30 AM Thursday.  They made their flights, and so did the luggage, and they arrived in Austin Thursday afternoon. 

Booth set up Thursday night, and they sent me this picture:

The bike in the foreground is an S&S coupled road bike with the Groovy headbadge as the inspiration for the paint scheme.

The bike in the background is Roy's 650 B.  I have to say photos do not do justice to this paint job. 

So they send me no other show pictures all day, but this morning, they send me these:

On the advice of Adam Richman of Man V Food fame, they made the drive to Round Rock, Tx, this morning to sample these babies.  Got them right out of the fryer and Rody said they literally melt in your mouth.  They even bought some to pass out at the booth.  Wish I was there!

They promised more pictures today, so I will post them as soon as I can. 


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rmb said...

Booth looks great, nice bikes and the best handlebars in biking. I even see a ti seat post. Those giant donuts were probably a big hit, so jealous.