Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Groovy race part deux...

It was a grand slam weekend for the second race in the Groovy Series; perfect weather (the only day in May thus far), good friends, and a full race card including the kid's race, xc race, and the 3rd annual Wootown Single speed challenge...whew!

The race was sandwiched between two work days at the Fire Department, so it was a full weekend for me.  Big props go out to Kevin, Dusty, Mike, and Jay for getting the Knob ready for the race, all I had to do was show up with a smile.

The kid's race continues to grow, with 18 participants from ages 4 to 13 enjoying the family oriented event.  This is the third year we've had the kid's races, I'm so glad to see the little ones out enjoying nature and a healthy lifestyle that mountain biking promotes.  With the push for the High School league taking place here in NE Ohio, I hope that what is fun today will become ingrained for years to come.

Bob Grimm, an excellent advocate for cycling in our area, was out with both his camera and video and selflessly put together some great media.  Check out the video he shot and edited for the kids...

The cross country race was an ironic blend only the knob could offer up...85 degrees and a mix of dusty conditions with 20' long muddy sections, who'd a thunk it was possible?  We had 93 hardy folks show up to test their skills and have a ball.  Young Veda, a 12 year old who is a shining star for the future of our sport drove over from Western Pa to race as well...hope to see more of her and her family, they were good people.

Steve rode away with the young guy expert class, even having the gall to smile at the top of the furnace for the camera :)

while Ross moved up to the old guy experts and showed em what the young side of 36 looks like.  All I know is that Carey just groaned when he saw Ross had made the move up a class...gonna be a fun season to watch.

Bob's talents once again...

The Wootown single speed challenge was a hoot, as always.  Three laps on the kids course interspersed with edible (just barely) challenges made for a lot of entertainment.  In the end, it was a narrow win, but Michael Gottfried rode and masticated his way to the podium to take home the Bad Ass Mofo trophy.

The next race is June 19th at Reagan park for the first NEO time trial.  Y'all gotta come out, it's a super good time.



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