Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phat Jay...don't peek!

A couple days working sick and a good day today.  Temps were perfect for painting, no bugs yet to shoo away, and a very cool deep east forest motif for Jay's Bigwheel.  A loooong day in the booth, but a lot of fun.

Here's a sneak peek...
Multiple layers of candy Emerald over a deep British Racing Green, with airbrushed ferns and shadows.
Got the first two coats of clear on, gonna hit the sack for a handful of hours and shoot it again before leaving for the FD.

Booty shot...
This is going to be built up with a Ti Unicrown fork, Ti Luv, and a compliment of White Industry hubs and crank in lovely polished silver...should be a killer look.  Hope this makes up for the bike that was stolen from ya, Jay. 

I've been trying desperately to wipe these side projects out of the way so I can get moving forward again on scheduled frames.  I've got about a 2 week window that I must utilize efficiently before I have to make cranks...gotta hustle, hustle.



1 comment:

Grietsje said...

Holy cow! that's just stunning....amazing paintjob again, you never stop impressing us.
Jay, better buy some big locks for that one ;-)
cheers Roy