Sunday, May 1, 2011

Post race thanks...

Saturdays race day was a bunch of fun, with dry weather (the only day in April?), good friends and lots of smiles.

We had a great showing for the first race of the season, with two kids classes, 97 racers for the xc event, and 8 teams for the Muddy Paws race which was sponsored by CycleDog Products this year.  I was really excited for our growing 18 and under class, as the numbers continue to expand, even drawing a real nice youngster, Gavin, up from Kentucky to participate...they are the future of our sport, so glad to see so many new faces enjoying the dirt :)

The day brought demos from Scott Bicycles, Jamis, Raliegh, Intense, Yeti and Mavic wheels and shoes.  The guys loved the venue and would like to return if the event is supported by y'all in the future.  If you liked having them, drop an email letting them know how much their attendance was appreciated.

A big thanks has to go out to Chipotle for providing the grub, Monster for the caffine fix, and DJ Madnote and the Blue Ribbon Bluegrass band for creating  some awesome tunes to socialize by in the firelight. 

The dawn was wet for the downhill race...I apologize for not making it out guys, but got bogged down in the shop and in a moment of inattention sliced my hand open.  Add that to the burn on my arm from welding in a sleepy state (Note: be careful where you rest your arm when you have a table full of hot parts...ughh) and was feeling too miserable to bring an enthusiastic/happy face to the hill, sorry guys.

Overall, it was just like a big family reunion with a few new cousins coming out of the woodwork...good fun. 

Please feel free to give us some feedback on what we can do to create a better event, grow our numbers, and fulfill your needs as a mountain biker here in Ohio.



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