Monday, May 9, 2011

Week long update

Not much to report folks.  Unfortunately, I gave my life to "the man" this week, never as much fun as working for yourself.  So if you are not interested in non shop related posts, you may want to save yourself the five minutes and move on to something more interesting :)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I worked 62 hours at the Fire Department, only getting in a measly 4 hours at the shop in the late evening hours of Tuesday.  I got caught up on a few more lingering Ti bars and powdercoated gloss black steels that should ship out today...
Friday morning I got off duty at 0700, came home for 2 hours, and was then off for our Senate Bill 5 petition Drive Thru, hosted by Wooster Firefighters 764.  Just one of the many efforts to move a politically skewed law to referendum and protect firefighter, police, and teachers jobs here in Ohio.  We were very successful, as 11 hours later we had collected almost 80% of the 1140 signatures we need for our county to get the referendum on the ballot.  Thanks to all the guys and gals who came out to man the petitions.

Saturday morning Em and I were up at 0500 and traveling for a volleyball tourney.  After a looong day of games, the girls were victorious, taking first in gold in Avon...good job ladies!

We were home by 1900 hours, showered, and back off again for Kaltens Big Band Dance; a community fund raiser for the Wooster High band featuring a live band, dancing, and yummy food all 1940's style.  It was a fantastic event, with folks from elementary age to the 70's enjoying the live music, stepping to the beats, and smiling the whole time.  What a great community event.  Big props to Jeff and Daphne Dexter for all the hard work to make it happen.  We were back by midnight, insuring that we did not suffer the same fate as pumpkins for us.  I was so happy to fall into bed :)

Sunday morning was Mother's day.  I got up early and made Christi and the kids breakfast in bed and with a dry window in the weather, I jumped on the opportunity to mow my 14" high grass...ughh, when will the rain stop? Once I finished up with the hay bailing...I mean mowing (6 hours later, blech) we were  able to get around to the family activities, going for a family ride at the Knob.  This marked Em's first time around the full course, despite a few crashes on the more technical spots, she did awesome. 

So, that was my week...hardly a lick of work done.  Hard to believe how fast it goes by.  Gonna make up for it this week though, as we've got a lot to accomplish.



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Grietsje said...

Great pic of Emmy, Kalten and the doggies on the Knob :-), a pitty the rain is still ruling over Ohio..... hope you'll find some good hours in the shop soon,
all the best to all of you from Holland