Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Chef is in the haus!

I've had a few folks ask why my business cards include the title "Chef" under my's because once I put on my frame baking apron I enjoy cooking up some sweet frames :)
It's been a hard push the last three days;

I've got two SS coupler bikes, a 29er and a 650b, and one 29er with all internal cable routing to get done before I leave for a business/lil bit o' pleasure bike trip to Arizona next Thursday.

On top of that, Bill and Aaron Grove and their friend Brandon crashed out at our house for some urban assault riding over the weekend at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike park, so it's been a few days full of working from dawn to dusk and then socializing into the wee hours...good stuff!

So, here's some pics from the shop on the builds, but first, Aaron's custom DJ bike he and Bill built together...

The frame uses a pierced Head tube junction for a massive triangulation, super strong!

A set of Hot Rods with Trial's gearing and a relieved chainstay for clearance

the seatstays wrap around the seat tube and meet the top tube

The seat tube is also relieved for tire clearance
The chainstays actually sit outboard of the EBB using a scalloped wrap, lots of details stuffed into a small frame, totally killer. Bill's still got it!
Ok, on to some raw shots. This is Mikey's 650b build with SS couplers.
Here we are mitering the down tube
A shot of the SS coupler when compared to a normal downtube. The coupler is placed in the butted section of the tube for maximum strength. I stuffed a bit more silver in here than I needed but wanted to insure that I got good penetration all the way around as well as securing the stainless steel blanks that protect the inside of the tubes when the bike is taken apart.

Setting up the frame fixture...

checking the tt miter

the front triangle all mitered up

the front welded up and the rear ready to go under the torch :)


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Cracked Headtube said...

I've often wondered why more aren't built with the type of headtube junction the jump at the top has. Good work Rody.