Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Goodbye my friend...

Monday morning a friend and father figure in my life passed away.

Herb "big ring" Winters was instrumental in my development as a cyclist close to 20 years ago.

I met Herb on my first Stark County Bicycle Club ride in early 1989. It was a cold rainy day, starkly in contrast with his persona; I was immediately won over by his friendly demeanor, firm handshake, and fatherly smile.

For the next 5 years, Herb and I rode together a lot, peaking in 1990 with over 12,000 miles shared.

When I married, Herb was my best man.

When he needed a new bike, I helped build it.

When I had children, he was as happy for me as I was.

We shared each others families as we shared our place on this earth, now, I'll wait until a time we can ride together again.

Goodbye my friend.


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dakers said...

Thanks for the comments about Herb.
We will miss him. I was never fast enough to ride with you or Herb but you or Herb never let that stand in the way of buiding relationships with people. Now that you have built my cross bike i must say it is the best bike i have ever owned. Better than my Trek 5900 and my litespeed titanium. More fun than i thought possible. Your bike building skills are almost as good as your relationship building skills. Nothing compares to friends who care.