Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random happenings...

22 inches of snow fell in just under 24 hours with blizzard conditions and howling winds. This is what I came upon this morning...about an hour of shoveling to get a place to park and into the door. The wind had blown so much, there were areas with no snow and drifts that were 5 feet high!

Today, I continued my long and arduous journey towards completion of the paint booth. Good golly, everything ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will (well, I can think of one exception, wink wink)

Got all the joints taped and the first coat of joint compound down. I also fully installed the double paned glass is going to be sweet when finished :)

Worked a bit on a custom one piece Luv Handle and stem combo. Denise Garro has got a kickin new 650b built for her by her hubby Steve of Coconino Cycles in Flagstaff. Steve kitted it out with as much US built components from vendors of NAHBS but fell short in the handlebar and stem department. I could not resist twisting their arms into using some sweet luv. This bar/stem will get a custom sunflower paint to match the Spectrum powder job on Denise's bike. Should be cool. I'll deliver it when I head to AZ in April for my yearly escape from Ohio weather.

Here's a close up shot of the weld bead for those that like bike fab porn.

Got an email from Chris saying it's time to "give the people what they want...more bike pics!", so here you go. This is the first road frame I ever built back in '94. It was purchased by a friend for his wife and ridden over 60,000 miles before it was retired due to worn out parts. It was cheaper to buy a new Specialized than to refurb the bike :(
Eventually, I mentioned that I needed to build up a bike for Kalten for this years GOBA adventure and this frame made it's way back to me...thanks Anne!
I stripped and resprayed the frame, using a oxy/acyt bullseye pattern under a transleusant metallic blue paint. In the sun, the bullseyes show through really well, making for a neat effect. Old school parts compliment the build. Should be an excellent ride for Big K.
A really cool old Salsa stem that I've been hoarding for the last 20 years... I knew I'd eventually find the right project :)

Old school Dura-ace drive train

And finally, the random shop pic for the recycle box. Can you tell what I drink a lot of?
Til next time...

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