Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tidbits and happenings...

Well, after 3 hard weeks, the booth is almost there. Gotta hang the glass over the lights and install the filters and I'm ready to spray :)
Took a week longer than I wanted, but I'm eager to get to some of the re-paints I've got scheduled.

Immediately following my paint projects, I've got 5 frames to build before I leave for Phoenix for a little warm weather mountain biking and business trip.
I organize all the tubing for each build into it's own box with an inventory sheet so I can insure that I have all the required materials before I begin working. Keeps me from having those "DOH!" moments like beginning a build and realizing I don't have the dropouts or worse ;)

Monday saw 5 hours of wrapping, packing, and shipping to send out the last batch of bars. I'm actually ahead a bit and sent out 3 more orders that were suppose to be delivered in 4 weeks...you'll know if you are one of the lucky ones in about two days. On the bench is a separate bar that I'm putting together for Eric at the Slippery pig, using a bit longer grip section to meet his wide stance preference.

Lastly, here's a quick pic of a piece of machined beauty...an S&S coupler. These pieces are designed to be built into a tube to allow the frame to come apart in two pieces at the top and down tubes. This will allow your bike to fit into an airline regulation sized box so you do not have to pay any additional fees to fly with your bike. I'm doing two S&S frames in the next couple of weeks. The addition of the couplers adds about 500 dollars to the cost of a frame, expensive but it quickly pays for it's self at 160 bucks for a round trip with your ride.
Hope everyone is getting out and smiling...

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