Sunday, March 30, 2008

So ends Mikeys fabrication...

I had a startling revelation this morning...

I've been pushing pretty hard the last couple of months and finally reached a critical point; I've been working to get these three frames done by Thursday so that the new owners can take them before I leave for my trip, time is running out and I've been burning the candle at both ends to make the deadline. When speaking with Bill and Christi about the coming week and my impending departure on the 11th, they kept looking at me like I had two heads. That was when I realized that I was the one with the problem, I had lost a week on the calendar! Here I was sweating the deadline and in reality, I've got another week. What a relief, as I hate to rush paint :)

So, Mikey's 650b is finished and I really like the way the frame came out with the couplers. The paint will be a radiance red to orange to yellow fade and be built with a Rohloff hub, White Eno cranks and M16 front hub, Thomson post and stem, and a Luv Handle to round it off. Should be a killer travel bike.

That's all for now, catch y'all later.

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