Friday, May 30, 2008

Phat J's kit all done up :^)

Jason's frame is all finished up...ended up with 4 coats of clear and lots of sanding to give it some depth and to even out the underlying 5 coats of masking.

Typical, pictures do no do it justice, but, unless you want to travel to Ohio, it's the best y'all are gonna get ;)

Jason plans on building it up with a mix of black and silver components for a nice, balanced look that will compliment the explosion of color on the frame.

A painted to match Luv Handle, White Indy cranks and hubs, phil wood bb, black Brooks Swallow saddle, and black anno'd Ritchey post and stem will round out the build.

Should be a pretty killer singly.

I welded on some chromo Luvs today and will hit the Ti tomorrow, due to my clumsiness; dropped my 1.00" diffuser cup (ceramic cup for the tig torch) on the floor and broke it, so I'll have to get some more tomorrow.

Next up for frames are Chris's road bike, Eric's 6-5-0, and Gregorio's all should be seeing info requests from me soon.



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