Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back at it... some kinda live action for ya!

After a long weekend away "working for the man"... I thought y'all deserved a little sumthin xtra cool ;) ... so I made my first attempt at a vid for ya.

Definitely not professional or even in focus at times, but fun none the less.

I've had some folks asking for some instructional videos to share some knowledge and I'd like to do some of that in the future, so this is a good baptism for me into the biz of movie making.

As for what's been happening;

Labor day I labored, finishing the braze on additions to the demo frame that will be going out, finishing a few forks through the welding stage, and cleaning the shop up so I can walk through it unobstructed again.

I also ran all Eric's tubes across the alignment table and got them marked for linear position and butts. They are ready to begin mitering.

Today, I pushed through the balance of the September Luv Handle fabrication, got the glossy black ones to powder and am prepping two more for some radiance green lovin.

I still have about 10 slots left for the October delivery, so if you want some, drop me a line quickly.

Been a tough month, gonna sleep in the shop for what is left of tonight then get back at it bright and early.




Anonymous said...

just check'n in to see what your up to...and ah yeah i can tell you guys from first hand experience that he makes it look much easier than it it...

Fred Lifton said...

Cool video, though I do wish it was in focus so we could see that pretty stack of nickels... what are the tunes during the vid? I liked them.