Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricaine Ike rumbles through Woo....

The cold down draft from the North met the warm air from Ike of the south and created one heck of a wind storm in NE Ohio.

My plans for Sunday were a bit derailed when I was called back into the FD to assist with the pending storm. Ended up with about 5 hours of intense weather...winds well over 70mph but not a drop of rain, quite surreal.

I basically ran from call to call for 4 solid hours and then had the aftermath to deal with.

One of my first priorities was to open one of the main roads to the hospital for some of the traumas that were coming in. We had just finished pulling the last of the tree trunk off the road when it sounded like the heavens opened up and two large canopy limbs let loose right above us. We were able to dive out of the way...had the pole lines not slowed the fall, it would have been a quick end to little ol' me. In the pic below, I was directly under the wires.

I decided to close the road and move on...mostly to change my undies :)

This pic is looking out the back of the shop...this tree landed on some of the downtown neighbors vehicles...

And a shot from my neighborhood at the College...
right next door...
this one fell on four vehicles, flattening two of them.
Most the City is without power today...gonna do what I can in the shop but will spend most the day in clean up.



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Garrett said...

It's amazing how much force those power lines can withstand. A few miles from my house a tree fell across the power lines and they went all the way down to the ground. Glad to hear you're still alive and well.