Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend of fun...

After two years of no family vacation, the pressure from Christi and the kids to break away was coming to a head, so I treated the family to some time away (albeit brief) to celebrate my birthday.

Saturday morning, I got into the shop at 0500 to push out a little work before escaping for the weekend at 1000.

I was able to finish up and ship out some of the October bars, so here is a list of a few lucky folks who will be getting their orders early;

Andy, custom walled grips, black
Robbe, standard bar in black
Brian L, standard bar in black
Carl, standard bar in black, no decal
Brian D, standard bar in black
James, 28" bar in black

Also, lots of questions from overseas customers. Please note that it can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks for a package shipped USPS priority mail to make it to your doorstep. There is no rhyme or reason, seems that each country's customs hold packages for differing amounts of time. The United States Postal service does not have "tracking" numbers per se, only notifying me of delivery once made. To ship a service with tracking costs almost 3 times the amount, too costly for me, but if you would like it, please let me know and I'll accommodate.

Once the shop duties were completed, we ran off to Kalahari resort and indoor waterpark, one of the largest in the country. The park did not disappoint, as it kept us busy until late into the evening. My favorite had to be the "Flowrider", an indoor surfwave that you could boogie board on.

Sunday it was off to Cedar Point, voted the Worlds best amusement park for rollercoasters. It was a perfect fall day, slightly cloudy with a nice breeze, and as it was Sunday, there were hardly any crowds. We walked onto almost every ride with less than 10 minutes wait, the only exception being the new ride the "Maverick", where we sucked it up and waited 40 minutes.

It was good to get away, if only for 36 hours.

Hopefully some finished fabrication shots of Eric's frame tonight.



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Roy said...

Happy Birthday from Holland :-)!!!