Friday, September 12, 2008

A mix mash of work...

Today dawned dreary with a consistent rain that kinda puts a damper on working in the shop. I feel a lot more energized when I can open the overhead door and let the sunshine play across the glinting metal of frames waiting to go home to their new owners.

I spent the day finishing up some shipping preparations, knocking out another 2 hours of email, and focusing on two projects.

First item I played with were chainstays for Eric's 650 and the belt drive frame. Eric's going to be running some new Grove Hot Rods with compact Race Face rings, so I did some bending/swaging to shape up some tapered stays that will give him maximum clearance for both tires and chainrings on the new steed. These started as some single bend ovals that I manipulated quite a bit. The end result is quite nice ;)

The next project involved bending up some non-tapered stays for the belt drive frame. These use some .035" x .75" tubing that will allow me to use the coupler on the drive side to pass the belt through and give me enough material for a cut away section to give clearance for the large belt chainring that is used with the system.

The last item on my list for the day was the assembly of this 29er geared bike heading off to NY state. Too bad the rain is persisting, the metallic purple powder coat is very cool dancing in the sunlight. Full braze ons to allow for geared/ss/Rohloff with Paragon sliders make up the highlights of the frame. An XTR/XT build with Phil Wood hubs, King headset, and White Bros. Fork rounds out the build.
Off now to try and catch dinner with the family...hope your weekend is fun filled!




Lester said...

Northern Nevada here...

Whats Rain???

Anonymous said...

Hey Rody ... you had time to check your orders and see if you have any Luv Handles left for the October order?