Monday, September 8, 2008

Eric's internal cable it's done

Hey folks, lots happening here at Groovy headquarters.

The Wayne County Fair is going on and if you are into checking out animals, eating greasy food, and seeing lots of folks who should be wearing more clothing (that's right Ms. Muffin Tops, this means you), then the fair is the place to be. Fortunately, I've got enough going on here at the shop that I doubt I'll be making it down anytime soon ;)

Back on track, Eric requested internal cable routing for his steed to keep the lines clean and to do away with exposed cables that can lead to poor performance. So, we're installing one brake line in the top tube and two gear lines in the down tube, with the gearing actually entering on the opposite sides from standard to decrease the bend in the cable, allowing for better action and longer life.

Although the cables enter on the side opposite, they will exit on the appropriate side for the mechanism it controls; rear derailleur enters on the left and exits on the right, front derailleur enters on the right and exits on the left. This is a bit more work to finagle the internal routing where it needs to go, but will be worth the extra effort.

I put together a quick video to illustrate the process for y'all, enjoy!

Once the tubes are all ready to go, it's off to weld up the front triangle.

The frame flowed very smoothly and came out straight as an post weld alignment needed here.

Some of the advantages of having a custom fixture is that it locates each piece and hold it all steady, allows for excellent access to the entirety of all the joints, and when used in conjunction with a systematic welding process, allows the frame to pull it's self into an aligned state, leaving very little necessity for the cold setting process that is so barbaric.

In other news, the balance of the September Luvs and some of the October order will be shipping on Wednesday. Hope the bars find everyone excited and healthy.




Chauncey Matthews said...

Great videos! I'm loving this blog lately. Although, you might want to do something about that weird guy who keeps popping up at the end......;)

StevieD said...

Don't be a hater of the muffin tops, big gurls need luvin too.
My fair fav are the atv/tractor pulls. Good times

nik said...

Mad skills mate! Love the internal cable routing. What song is on the video? Cheers.

martn said...

that's the song 'urethane' from the marvelous fu manchu album ' the action is go'.

funny thing... i was just listening to fu manchu (eatin' dust) and stopping it for the video. gave me a big grin, :D

Hoss said...

Dude, loved the video! Very nice indeed.

Alex said...

can't see the vids at work but really nice work what I see on the photo's :).
Really nice welding.