Friday, January 2, 2009

2009...taking a week off

Hey folks,

Happy 2009 to y'all.

The Doc gave me some personal/professional/health advise when I saw her last week..."take some time off". So, in that vein, I'll be out of the shop for the next week, no phone or email, I promised.

Today was a bit hectic as I tried to finish up some loose ends around the shop... parted up Ti tubing for Luv Handles, painted some combos, and lots of paper work...blech! Stewart stopped by the shop today and threw down 20 cold ones to jump on the build list for a Ti road bike, we've got a bit of time to dream up something fantastic for him. Looking forward to tomorrow, I'm hoping that I'll not be sitting around thinking about all the stuff I need to be doing and instead be able to focus on some fun.

So, in an effort to meet that goal, I'll get it all out now.

The North American Handbuilt show is rapidly approaching and February will be dedicated to preparing for it. So, with what's left of January when I return, I'll be working on the following;

- Final assembly and shipping of Eric's bike (have been eternally hoping for the Hot Rods to show so I can paint them to match and install, fingers still crossed)
- Final clear on Roy and Mels bar/stem combos
- Jay's 29 crosser (preview pic, not the correct dropouts Jay, don't worry ;) )
- Stevens 650b
- Kevin's Bullmoose bars
- Eric's Slim resto

Going to the show at the end of February will be a few customer bikes;

- Goyo called today and we are going to make his ride all Blingtastic and show it off in Indy.
- Hoss's Bigwheel...if he ever decides what direction he wants to go ;)
- Roger's Bigwheel, winner of the Groovy Race Series drawing for 2008

...and two bikes I'm doing special :)

Well, that's a wrap for tonight, go lots of email to answer. Hope everyone is well, see ya in a week.


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chris said...

hey rody, any chance you can make one of those special NAHMBS bikes my size?? pretty please?