Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quite a diverse week...

I've not had much to share this week, so sorry for the lack of sexy, exciting posts.

Spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday teaching ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) and came home yesterday afternoon to 14" of snow and ice. That translated into a 4' pile f icy slurry at the end of the drive thanks to the snowplows stacking it up. It took Kalten and I 4 hours of shoveling to clear the drive and sidewalks so that I could get the car in. My back is a wee bit tired today ;). Whining done, thanks for letting me vent.

So today was my first full day to get some work done in the shop. I began by looking at the upcoming schedule; the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show is rapidly approaching and a quick glance at the calendar was not reassuring...I've only got 17 full days available to prepare for this years big ta-doo. Yikes!

So, today and tomorrow are dedicated to trying to finish up the lingering customer projects that HAVE to be out of here before I turn off my life for the month of February.

First up is this Yo Eddy replica fork slated for the vintage race at the Keysville Classic in March...

classic 1.125 blades, scallopped dropouts, one inch threaded steerer, and silver brazed tear drop tabs
Those tear drop stress tabs are so pretty they make me cry (sniff sniff)

This will be coated gloss black to match Jim's 91 Yo.

I also pushed through a unicrown 29er fork and a Luv that all will be sprayed this weekend.
Tomorrow, I'll repair a nasty steerer on a BOI fork that a ill equipped shop destroyed, pack and ship Roy's combo, Mel's care package, Eric's bike, and a host of smaller items.
Check back tomorrow night, I'll post up the steerer repair process as this is a question that is often asked in the how to's of the bicycle restoration scene.

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OldNSlo said...

So, the teardrop stress tab....what's the purpose? It's definitely cool and would look really cool painted a different color than the rest of the fork.