Sunday, January 25, 2009

God's day play...

Yep, I decided to commune in the church of nature today and took advantage of the really cold temps to go scrape around on some ice. Mike and I drug Kalten out with us...he's come along for years, stomping around in the snow, but this is the first he's climbed.

Here we are at the beginning of the day, still warm. Kalten is sporting his Dirt Rag Buff...lovely argyle.
The high was 12 degrees today, but it was much cooler down in the gullies. K is downclimbing the escape chute to get to the start of the climb.
Despite the frigid temps of late, water was pouring off the top of the climb, coating us with a sheet of ice in moments. Here's K on his first run up "Late guy in a red suit" WI3+, a nice candled 40' column that offers some mixed climbing in the rear of the ampitheater...sweet!

We were only out for about 5 hours, but that was plenty. We hit the local gas station/diner, Spearman's, for some super post climb food; a double cheeseburger, fried potatoes with gravy, and peanut butter pie...Yum!
Back to reality, I spent some more time in paint this evening. Pardon the helmet's a shot removing some polka dot masking.

Trivia results!
Well, I promised I'd post first thing Sunday morning, so at 0030 hours I put up the 0300, the next time I checked back, AOSTY had already jumped in and secured the winning answers. So, AOSTY, drop me an email and I'll get you hooked up.
I'm going to scrape up some little gifts for all the other folks who chose to post...I'll have to see what I can come up with.
Thanks all for playing along. Next month we'll do it again, when I'll be giving away a custom print taken by Sherrick Photography, looky here for some pics;
Catch y'all soon,


Garrett said...

Where'd you go climbing at?

Rody said...


Sunday was spent in a neat little valley that has four separate climbs draining into it. The area is just outside of New Castle, Ohio. We tracked down the property owner 20 years ago to gain permission and have been enjoying it every season since.