Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday/Saturday action

Well, the temps FINALLY got warm enough that I could throw some paint around and actually control the flash times.

So, grasping the opportunity (even though I would have loved a quick ride) I worked on a few projects.

After a good light sanding, I sprayed primer coats two and three on Goyo's frame/bar and Roy and Mel's combos. Here they are, comfortably lingering in the back box...

Goyo's color is going to wait until closer to the show so that the potential for getting bumped around in the shop is reduced. I moved on the color on the other pieces.

Roy's is sporting a grunge green and vanilla polka dot theme to match his frame/fork. Mel's will use a blue/purple pearl metallic as pin stripes on a vanilla base to match his "Milka Panther" bike, should be an interesting compliment to the bike.

I also got to laying a little love down on tomorrows trivia contest bottle opener...

A deep metallic plum (blue/purple) that will make the base for some funky polka dots and text.

While I'm here in the paint folder, I realized that I never posted a pic of Eric's custom expedition rack, designed to wrap around the disc brake caliper and leave room for V brakes as well. I powdered it in cream to match the highlight colors on the frame. All silver fillet brazed, it came out nice. Steven drove up from Virginia today to visit the shop, get measured, and talk old bikes as well as his new project; a killer Klunker geared build...the tough decision being what wheel size to decide on, 650 or 29, hmmm.

I'm totally stoked that so many folks registered as regular readers, so I'm going to throw a couple extra prizes into the trivia contest for the morning...Be sure to check back and play!



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stevied said...

900 mile roundtrip, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, lunch at the Amish Door, what a day.
driving back I thought about the finish and think I have that figured out.