Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And our winner is....

Thanks to all who participated in the Super Duper bar contest!

We had over 50 entries, of which, 36 folks were able to follow the clues to the featured builders.

The correct answers were...

1.Steve Garro - Coconino Cycles
2.Drew Gudalian - Engin Cycles
3.Fred Cuthbert - Wolfhound
4.Eric Estlund - Winter Bicycles
5.Carl Schlemowitz - Vicious Cycles

and fresh out of the hat, our winner is...

Jared Smerecki, who reads the blog under the name JRAD.

Congrats Jared...please drop me a note to the contest email with your mailing address and bar of choice and I'll get it out to ya.




JRAD said...

I can't wait for my new bar.

Thanks Rody!


Rody said...

Ok guys,

JRad took the multi colored dripping wax bar, second from right on the bottom pic.

If you'd like one of the graphic bars, please email me your interest at and they'll go first come, first served.

Still left are...

Flaming balls
Red plaid
Croc skin
Rattlesnake skin
Red eyeballs
Black Polka dot
Purple eyeballs

(the silver/black skulls are already gone...sorry)



Kyle O said...

Imagine my surprise when some skully bars showed up today. I've got a great wife. They're going to look cool on the new bike.

Thanks Rody,


Kyle O said...

Apparently it was a two part surprise. The tee shirts are awesome, thanks so much.

JRAD said...

Got the bar and it is all mounted. I will get a pic to you in the next few days. Thanks again.. The picture in the blog just didn't do the bars justice!