Friday, August 14, 2009

Roger stopped by today to do a bit of tweaking on his component set up and to talk about bicycle fit. Coming off of a mass produced full squishy bike to a full rigid 29er is quite a divestiture from the norm for him, so we wanted to insure that everything was just right. The greatest difference he experienced was the change in rider position; the sussy requires a more upright position to allow the compression of the fork and rear end without pulling too much body weight either direction and compromising the balance of the bike. The new Bigwheel allows us to create a more balanced weight distribution between the axels and a little longer cockpit, allowing us to rotate his pelvis forward to incorporate the larger mass of his upper quads and glutes for more sustained power and endurance, a difference he said he noted on his first ride. Note too that his side view shows a nice straight back, upright head position, and a proper (less than 90 degree) transition from his torso to upper arms, a position that will allow his larger core muscles to support him and prevent premature fatigue. All in all I think the bike fit up very well. Roger, being a certified exercise specialist/trainer, will be able to weigh in on whether we were truly successful or not :)
Michael was stopping by to pick up the Brew resto, so I took some time to get it all ready for him. the first item on the agenda after finishing the powder coat was to clean up all the frame surfaces; tap out the bottom bracket, face the head tube, tap out the derailleur and bottle bosses, and then prep the fork for the new Cane Creek Classic headset.
Here's the Tange Struts fork getting the race turned down in the lathe...
Christi found this turn of fate a bit funny, and unluckily for me, she had the camera ready :(
While setting the lower headset race, the rapid pounding on the press tool caused my too loose britches to fall...not cool. I quickly remedied the situation with a bit of rope.
And here she is, Michaels repaired Brew with a fresh Illusion Lapis powder coat, ready to be built up and ridden hard for more years to come.
I got out to Vulture's Knob last night to put together the final trail day job list and crashed hard, bending my front wheel and causing a bit of carnage to my leg. I rode it out to the car looking a bit like a circus clown on a funny bike, wobbling to and fro.
Off to the paint booth again today.
Gonna run the bar contest this weekend, so be sure y'all stop back to play!


IF52 said...

The BREW looks fantastic and my wife is really pleased with how it turned out. I'll post it up on fatCOGS when I finish building it up.

Thanks again Rody I appreciate your help getting this sorted out.

rmb said...

bike fit with pics $$$$$ Repair with pics $$$$$$$ Funky drawers....NOT priceless lol