Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super Duper Handlebar contest time...

Ok folks, I promised I'd throw up a contest for the weekend so here we go. This is what's up for grabs, pick of the litter of any of the Luv handles below with the special image infusion process (and one black one for good luck!). I put up higher res pics this time to help you check them out.

As many of you check out the blog because you enjoy seeing the building process in action, I thought, what better way to expose you to some of the best custom guys out there than through our contest. So each of the questions will require you to check out a small offering of some worthy builders laboring for your enjoyment. Many of them are regular readers, some are NAHBS exhibitors, and others just have some distinctive style that is worth checking out. Stuck? Feel free to leave a comment begging for more clues and I'll see what I can do. Regardless, check out there work if you appreciate handmade love at it's finest.
So, here's the deal. Find the builders name and company name, email them to me by Tuesday night and I'll put all the correct entries into a virtual hat and draw a winner. You must be a registered reader to win (click the "Follow this blog" button on the side bar if you are not) and are obliged to send a pic of the winning bar on your bike in some exotic local (not leaning against your garage door!) so we can all enjoy it. Mail your answers to if you will please.
Here we go...
1.) This builder working out of the Sun Devil state, is known for his fillet brazing, curved top tubes, and now rolls on three wheels when on single track. Bolstered by a awesome wife, he's overcome adversity to keep people smiling on two wheels.
2.) Although named for a car's propulsion (the antithesis of cycling), this focused builder craves clean lines, classic styling, and operates out of the City of Brotherly love. A focused pro, I enjoy his energy and commitment to his beliefs, whether speaking of bicycle fabrication or his favorite beer :)
3.) Out of the state that harbor the McKenzie river trail (a classic destination mind you), a distinctive style of long flowing steel curves, micro fillets, and rich paint by Keith Anderson, this builder named his company after his favorite dog's breed. He's also a heckuva nice guy who is consistently striving to improve his own knowledge and skill to produce a better product for his customers.
4.) A young up and comer, though his company's name conveys the cold bitter season, his work and style looks fast, tight, and on fire. Though soft spoken, his personal flair is exemplified in his tats, his work, and his commitment to sharing the love of cycling with others. He's also the only builder I know with an art degree in metal sculpting.
5.) Slaving away since '94, this builder deserves kudos as he is one of the rare leaders that have been able to keep the micro bicycle factory business model moving forward. Contrary to the name of his company, he's not mean at all. The folks of New York are lucky to have him.
I could go on all day with great/worthy builders to recognize, but picked the above folks for the diversity of the craft they offer. If y'all enjoy the contest, perhaps will do it again with another round of interesting fabricators.
Lots of folks have expressed interest in the graphic bars, so here's the deal. Once the winner picks his/her favorite, the rest of the bars will be available on a first come basis for 135 bucks plus shipping...I'll let you know when to open the floodgates for dibs/availability.
Good luck and have fun!


rmb said...

I'm in, gotta be in it to win it.

MarinTi said...

I'm in, could I win?
Last time i won something is over 20 years ago :-(

rrguezz said...

I feel it....

el said...

Dang! Missed this! And posted on my birthday! =(