Monday, September 21, 2009

Contest Time!

This past weekend marked the completion of our season of sponsored races with the Reagan Park Time Trial. 120 racers had a drool inducing, leg burning, tree clipping good time. It was a lot of fun to be part of an event that brings out the best in folks, both physically and emotionally.

Lots of folks stopped by to voice their appreciation for the NEO and Groovy series put on by 331 productions...not only for the opportunity to race, but for the friendly vibe and fun factor they encouraged. That got me to of the reasons I participate in cycling, races, and even fabrication is because I get a natural high out of people feeling good in the outdoors.

So, for September's super duper contest give-a-way, we're going to keep it simple.

If you would like to have a shot at winning the Groovy funky green stem, send a pic of you on your bike that reminds you of why you ride. It may be on a favorite trail, with a group of friends, or just a solitary ride to regenerate your soul. I'll pic the picture that speaks out to me and we'll post the winner Friday night.

Win me!
Stem specs... 110mm x 5 degree, 1.125 clamp with 25.4 bar, tiny paint blemish on clamp, but hey, that's why it's free :)

So, you have til Friday morning (that will give you time to go take a pic if you don't have one!) to send a pic to and be a registered reader.

I'm looking forward to seeing your good times ;)



rmb said...

I'm in.

martn said...

a photo contest, nice! can i send in more than one picture (i can't find one single picture showing action, friends and an epic mountain view, ;) )?

MarinTi said...

me too

OldNSlo said...

I'm in too