Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trail Day at Vulture's Knob

The Volvo hit the road just before sunrise to get ready for a full day of trail work at out local course, Vulture's Knob, to knock off some projects before the final Groovy Series Race of the season. We were graced with a stunning sunrise that promised a beautiful day to labor in the dirt :)
15 fine folks made it out to help with the work, each earning some Vulture's bucks for money off their next race entry, an additional entry into the free custom frame/fork/bar contest, and a sumptious lunch provided by Chipotle.

Although I had a long list of jobs, this tireless crew knocked off all of them. Here were some of the highlights for those that are familiar with the area.
The Serpent...the expert section of the serpent was marred with two manky log bridges that many have asked to have replaced as folks were cutting to the sides through the drainage areas. Your wish is our command. Heavy 2x6 planks on 4x4 cross sections were used to build two bridges that are positioned on rock foundations. In the first bridge area, the old Cherry bomb was taken down due to safety issues and used to funnel folks onto the bridge as the drainage swale has been cleaned out and is not appropriate for riding.

The final wanky log bridge has been removed and replaced as well, utilizing a nice berm to funnel folks onto this expert section. Here Kevin shows us how to balance his way across...
A berm was added to the pine tree field to allow folks to rail this full speed section...

The Powerline had began to become eroded with 8" ridges developing to the sides of the foot wide section...when folks are hitting almost 35mph, it created a nasty probability of front wheel washout. The ridge was broken down and the entire section of downhill evened out so that riders can keep the gas on as they enter into the small transition bridge at the bottom.
The cradel developed a gaping hole in this high speed section, allowing wheels to dip toward the creek below. Despite the mosquitoes desire to devour us, we fought through the onslaught and replaced the decking on the U shaped Frankie is dipping in the water below to escape the blood thirsty buggers.

Probably the most significant change is the re-route of the classic Over/Under section. The rock shelf entrance has been a sustained erosion problem as riders who are unable to ride it as designed have been cutting to the sides of the steep obstacle, tearing down the softer foundation. Rather than try to build it back up an funnel folks down the right way again, we decided to re route the section. The new entrance now takes you down Horseshoe hill, and across the Over bridge in reverse. You will then climb a steep section, hit a high bank apex turn, bomb back down over a section of rocks, another high stall apex turn, then down through the Under rock chute. Here's a quick vid showing the changes...
Lot's of fun was had Kalten is car surfing on a bridge that is making it's way back to the top of the knob...

A big thanks to those that helped and to Chipotle for the great food...
Although the group work ended at 2, it was much later before we finally got all my little tick list projects done. Long day, but well worth it.
See y'all next week at the race.


rmb said...

I was waiting to see the under. I did trail work here in NY in the middle of winter, no bugs or poison ivy.

Rody said...

RMB, Good for you guy...I'm too wrapped up in show prep and Ice climbing to sacrifice time for the trail in winter.

I could definitly do without the bugs and ivy, regardless of season :)