Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Needle in a haystack?

Brad had called me and was disappointed with his current JJ Ti bars...they had failed in the center section and he was getting no love in seeking a warrantied replacement.

Hesitant to move to another Ti bar, he had some questions regarding wall thicknesses, strength, and guarantees.

One of the nice options being a small builder is the ability to custom tailor to customers needs, providing a product that is not normally available. Based on Brad's riding style, physical needs, and desire for increased strength/longevity/peace of mind, I fashioned up a Luv with a heavier wall thickness in the center section for him.

Now my problem, when on the table with 20 other ti bars, how do you tell it apart? To insure that Christi and I could tell which one was Brad's, we did a little one needs to be weighing that many bars to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. Hope you don't mind Brad, but I put your name on it ;)




Anonymous said...

At least Brad is getting Luv now!

Nik said...

Thats cool!

I wonder if Brad was using a shim with his JJ bar?

Craig said...

Rody - the layout editor at my work went a little nuts when he saw that and kindly requests the name of the font.

Very cool

Rody said...


Wish I could tell ya the font...but I just pulled these guys out of a pack of vinyl letters from the local craft store. Major low tech for faster operation ;)