Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots been going on this week.

One of my responsibilities outside the shop is to teach a myriad of medical oriented classes, this month, I'm gearing up to help teach a paramedic refresher course. Tuesday and Thursday were filled with instructing ITLS (International Trauma Life Support), a tactile scenario based process where I at least got to include a bicycle as one of the cases :)

In the shop this week, I continued to paint. I thought I'd share a color process for y'all to see.

Here we start with three thin coats of primer on this bar. Each layer is dryed and sanded between each...
This color, a two part process, starts off with a green metallic base...can you see the little flakes swooshing around in there?
Mettallics are quite finiky, they must be applied thin and even, as a run or too much concentration will immediately show. Here we have a happy Shamrock green...

The next color in the process is a sunshine yellow, a transleusant color that will overlay the green.
Once on, it really changes the character of the original green.

I also painted up a stem that has been hanging around a bit as well...this little guy has a surface imperfection/scratch on the clamp section so I won't sell it as it is not as perfect as it can be. Who knows, it may end up as a contest give away ;)

While the paint has been curing, I've been knocking out September bars...lots of moly and Ti on the way.
Starting to weld them up, one down, 19 more to go...

In other news...
I've had some folks ask about some Groovy Hoodies. I checked into it, and Eric at Illusions can print us up some hoodies for 35 bucks a piece in a heavyweight 80/20 blend...a nice heavy piece to keep you warm this fall. Probably 5 bucks to ship. Lots of colors available. If you are interested in one, drop me a email with a size and color you would like. I'll be putting in the order this week.
Trail Day at the Knob
Interested in earning an extra entry into the Groovy frame/fork/bar drawing for the final race next week? Come on out to the trail day Saturday from 10-2 and give a little back to the course that has shed so much of our blood :)
What a surprise I got when I looked at the calendar and found out that I'm off from the fire department next week, so I should have some serious time to start kicking out some frames in the shop. I'll be contacting the next three folks on the build list and firming up details Monday.


rmb said...

Busy, busy, busy and then off work so you can be more busy, lol. Kewl paint. I vote stem contest. Thanks again for the Ti bars, They're amazing.

Rody said...

Glad the Ti Luv has a happy home on NY trails.

What do you figure we ought to do for a contest for the stem?