Friday, September 18, 2009

Final Groovy Series race...

Running from the paint booth and out to the Knob for the race, we had a lot of work ahead of us. Kevin and the boys from 331 productions had set up the race banners, flags and the start/finish line the night before, so all we had to do was get the tents set up, get registration ready to rock, re-check the trail markers one more time and prepare to have a butt load of fun.

The day brought perfect weather, low 70's with clear skies and perfect trail conditions.

We kicked off the event with the kid's races, running three classes for the little guys and girls. A big "booya" goes out to Clay Upcraft, who traveled 5 hours from PA to rock it out in the kid's race, finishing second and taking home a killer trophy and a better story. Everyone had too much fun...I totally get geeked up seeing the little ones, faces contorted in concentration, pedaling for all they are worth to get to the line. Too cool :)

By race time, we had 104 racers lined up and ready for an evening of good times and a little competition.

Here our expert class is cranking off the line for the first of 3 tough laps... Chip, Jeff, and Dave nearest to the right.
The 30 + sport class brought out our largest group, proving that we only get better with age ;)

The under 19 novice class has shown the most growth this year, with more young racers hitting the dirt than ever before in previous seasons. That in and of it's self is a positive indicator of the health of our sport.
Can you see the determination in his face? Carey Wenger is diving into the Bowl...

The after party awards ceremony was a total hoot, with a ton of free schwag for many in attendance. We also had the drawing for free custom Groovy frame, fork and bar, Ti Luv, Graphic Luv, and standard steel Luv. The winners were...
Winner of the Groovy Cycleworks custom Frame and Fork was : Carey Wenger
Winner of the Groovy Cycleworks Titanium Luv Handles- Jared Zabrosky
Winner of the Groovy Cyclesworks Tartan Plaid Luv - Ryan Wayne
Winner of the Groovy Cyclesworks Black Luv - Dave Pierson
Tee's, helmets, Heed, and lots of other great stuff was drawn, thrown, and otherwise spilled to the masses. A big thanks to our sponsors; Monster, Chipotle, Hammer, EAS and was all good!
After the awards, the bonfire was lit and DJ Madnote began turning up the funky beats that lasted well into the night. Psychadelic lights, mad tunes, and a bit of smoke for effect had everyone rocking it out and dancing on the tables...
The dawn came earlier than anyone wanted with the sun slowly burning off the midnight dew. Here a "smoking" can of Monster was the only activity that met me once rolling out of the tent.
All in all, a super fantastic time.
I truly believe all the hard work is worth the good vibe and comraderie that is shared on the trail...til next season,


doug said...

Man that looked like a ripping good time at the knob,I wanted to be there, but couldn't get out of work. The blog keeps me in the loop!

rmb said...

I need to come and race frm NY just for the raffles.