Tuesday, October 6, 2009

End of a long haul...

This last few weeks has been a heck of a stretch, with lots of hours at the Fire Department, teaching a Paramedic refresher, and working away in the shop. I finally hit my last day being a slave to three disciplines this morning...gonna have two good weeks in the shop and at home thanks to the fact that Christi is traveling for a week for a girls only trip. I'll be in the shop during the day and running the kids in the evenings.

I really didn't have the gumption to do much today but catch up on some sleep, but I suppressed that need for a bit longer and hit the door to the shop. So here's what happened today...

I got all the files necessary to drive the CAM systems off to CNC Metal Products so they could get started on the dropouts for Steven's bike. It's amazing just how long everything takes, even with the modern "conveniences" of computers.

I also got caught up on some lingering email...if y'all are waiting to hear back from me, you should have a response. If you do not, hit me up again, please.

With the office duties cleaned up a bit, I began working on some box crowns for a number of forks to be built. I began by cutting up the rough stock in the cold saw then got it set up in the mill for a little angled mitering for the legs...

then the crown...
What helps me push past the sleepy eyes? Well, Swedish Fish of course :) Gotta keep them on the bench for that quick sugar hit.
I'll finish up the fabrication on the forks tomorrow.
Looking at the calendar, I realized that it had been since August that I last rode...that's horrible. So I took a few hours and went for a ride...I felt fat and slow, kinda like the first ride after a winter hibernation. The lazy legs went away after a bit and I really enjoyed the quiet of the trail with the pups running along behind. Nice to get out.
When I got back to the shop after the manditory puppy baths (they rolled in some dead animal and it's pooh...yuk!) I found that I had some cool pics in my inbox.
Michael sent me some shots of "Kermit", the 650b I had for sale last week. Here she is all kitted up with a sexy new 1x9 set up and Fox fork on the front.
First ride report was stellar..."carves up the trails and fits perfect!" ... that's nice to hear.

I'm sure it will have a good home.
I'll be back at it tomorrow, hope to see y'all stop by.


rmb said...

The green 650B looks great. I want swedish fish now and I'm stuck home with the kids sleeping :(.

Anonymous said...

Always wondered if the box section on the fat chance style fork was chromo or mild steel