Friday, October 23, 2009

Steven's 30's inspired fork

Steven and I had discussed doing something unique for his fork on his Klunker inspired project. Looking at lots of old motorcycle pictures, where many of the early Klunkers took their styling from, I settled on a plane style fork crown.

An early 30's Cleveland motorcycle caught my eye...I really liked the crown and the detailing of the pin stripes on the blades, worthy of emulating I believe :)

The requirements for the fork are to have plenty of clearance, run discs, and be strong enough to handle the extra length of the suspension corrected geometry...a tall order for creating something that is both elegant, functional, and strong.

Here's what I've got rolling...The design will allow for a torsionally stiff fork that will track well and allow for shock absorption in the lower aspects of the non-tapered legs. Additionally, as the fork is suspension corrected, the tri plane design will aesthetically fill some of the vertical spacing between the tire and the crown. I think the fork pays tribute to the original while being attentive to the modern needs of a single track's it look Steven?

This week has been tough...88 hours in the Fire department; working shift, teaching cardiovascular physiology and electrical dysrythmias, and International Trauma Life Support. I enjoy the diversity of my multiple career roles, but honestly, it's weeks like this that I often feel like I'm letting folks down as there is just not enough time to meet everyone's needs. Thanks for everyone's patience while I muddle through.



rmb said...

I love the bi-plane fork. I have a Rawland DSOGN with a similar fork, and of course Ti luvs. Great looking bike.

DC said...

I think most of us that follow what you do are amazed by your non-stop schedule and never ending creativity and attention to detail. Let us down, I doubt it. Your response and turn around is still quicker than many custom guys that don't pull long hours at another career!
Nice work!

doug said...

I agree with DC, your work ethic is to be admired. Looking forward to working w you.

jkeiffer said...

Looks good. Almost looks wide enough to be a 135 spacing in the picts though. What's the rake?

stevied said...

What can I say but WOW. This is going to be an awesome bike.
I'd love to see some more shots of the motorbike. The engine looks like it belongs in a car.

OldNSlo said...

very cool
BTW - saw you got a mention in this months mt bike action....congrats!

Jack said...

Looks very cool!

You might think about doing some forks with that old Raleigh tubular crown that they put on all the 3spd's. I always loved that design, and I would bet you could do it justice.

Also, the Gios crowns from the 80's with the coins (my fave had the original Gios coins replaced with buffalo nickels) would be a pretty cool thing to revive.