Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Retro #1 rolling...

I took a day off on Sunday and traveled to Pa to visit with some friends and to get probably my last ride of the season in. Sunday morning was a frantic pace to build the retro cruiser bike up and drive to Raystown Lake for an absolutely perfect day...65 degrees, sunny, and crisp trail conditions.

Kalten and I took turns riding the rigid 29er...me to confirm that it was going to perform as expected, Kalten to see what the whole bigger wheel platform was all about. All I can say is this, Steven, you gonna like it :)

I think K had the same response...thumbs up!
The dropouts for the build are done in waterjet and are moving to the CNC mill probably on Thursday. I should be able to have the dropouts and the fork crown pieces all ready for the final push next week. Looking forward to finishing this guy up and moving on to a few Ti builds that are waiting in the wings.
Wanna put a shout out to all the cool folks who I had the opportunity to chat up in the parking lot post ride...folks from Philly and Baltimore also made the sojourn to enjoy some killer trails.

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Kevin said...

Had a blast riding with you and Kalten.
Somedays I think I took the wrong civil service test but then I would have to get a second job right?
Kitima and I have been having Titanium hard-tail dreams!