Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The object of my desire...

As I take a break from email, I thought I'd share some porn of a different kind. It would be a safe venture to assume that most of y'all enjoy browsing over bike porn...fancy paint with exotic shiny components that both elicit giggles of pleasure and groans of frustration from the cruel irony of the price for such exquisiteness.

Well, I go through the same twisted yearnings. Mine however, center around a little different focus, let me explain. For the last four years I've been looking for a Lagun FVT-2 vertical mill with a 10x50 table. For those that have no frickin' idea what I'm talking about, it's a large machine that allows for the cutting/shaping/milling of metal (simple description I know). Right now, I have a very nice vari-speed Bridgeport for my tubing work, but I've had an unhealthy desire to find the Lagun for fixture work, basically because I'm too lazy to clear off the Bridgeport table of all the mitering tooling and then to re-tram everything. Besides, more tools = more fun!

After years of patient labor and searching, I finally found the perfect machine at an auction to be held, looked forward to it for weeks, crammed in my attendance at the auction in leiu of sleep that day, got all giddy as my head was swirled into the auction fever...and promptly got out bid cause I'm a tight ass. Crap!

That was Saturday.

I pouted all weekend. I daydreamed about the good times we could have had together; throwing chips, the smell of cutting fluid, a nice haze of smoke filling the air, creating new and wonderful pieces that would assist me in fullfilling my customers dreams. Then suddenly, like a jilted lover, I became bitter. Why can't my desires become a reality?

Then the adult part of my psyche jumped in on the conversation..."Stop your whining and do something about it!"

So I did.

I found a new mill to sate my desires a bit further from home. She just happens to be a bit tighter, better taken care of, and a whole lot hotter than my old object of desire...check her out in all her sexy sass.
Yeah, that's right, she's a looker. Best part is, she's cheaper than that other stuck up mill that teased me out of sleep and a day's productivity in the shop. I'm gonna have to sacrifice a day next week to court her and bring her home, but with a little love, elbow grease, and a new set of DRO's, we'll be rockin it out for years to come. Can ya feel me? I knew that you could :)

Oh, and I worked on forks and bars yesterday (obligatory shop update info)



PS...Christi, this post in no way infers that a 4 thousand pound hunk of 80's steel could ever replace you as the true object of desire in my life. Buy ya know, it does have a 3 HP motor and built in coolant pump ;) Just say'n.


IF52 said...

dude, you might need to get some rest ;)

Winter Bicycles said...


Carl Strong said...

Very cool Rody, treat her like the princess she is.

stevied said...

Why is everyone else's sick little fetish always more twisted than mine? And I am a sick little puppy.

Carbide Coho said...

Ahhhh the Lagun, with its 3 hp head and sturdier castings, will keep hoggin well after the Bridgeport has stalled out.

EnginCycles said...

Looks real nice. I might be making a journey to Ohio for a piece of iron and will make sure to arrange a visit.