Sunday, October 18, 2009

Liquid Love and mud...

Finishing up Jay's trip report for him...

Saturday dawned cold and rainy for the build of Jay's Bigwheel, but our spirits were lifted when Christi stopped by with some hot chocolate and some pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing...yum!

Jay's build went very smoothly, it's so nice to put together Rohloff bikes because when a frame is made for them, the set up is so simple and efficient. She came out pretty spiffy...

With the jewel like build all done, there was only one thing left to do...go get it in the mud! Rounding up some bikes, kids, dogs, and gear, we headed off to show Jay part of the Mohican forest loop. Though the weather was more Artic like than he's used to, Jay was in good spirits and was ready for a bit of adventure. Some sweet trail conditions (who doesn't like slippery off camber roots and rocks?) and enough canopy left to protect us from the wind and rain left everyone with smiles by the end of our 14 mile loop. A good bit of dirt came home with all of us, especially the pups...

Kalten's buddy Eric (on the left) is showing the height of 80's cycling fashion for cold weather gear...that's what happens when you have to borrow clothes that are older than you :)
Cubby with a nice freckle pattern of mud...he stayed right at my pedal most of the ride.

Some warm clothes, good food, and a bit of socializing on the drive home and it was time for Jay to turn his car southward. A good visit with a great guy, thanks for coming up Jay.
Sunday morning I hit the paint booth again to put some color on the Single speed retro frame that will be mine and Kaltens/shop demo. I wanted to try some ideas before having to paint up Steven's frame, it's always nice to know what will and won't work, both conceptually and physically, before diving in on a customers paint. I hand masked this frame but will be going with the plotter cutter for Stevens so I can get just the contours/fine lines I want.
My name on one side...Kalten's on the other.
She'll be a very nice ride, looking forward to taking her out to Raystown this coming weekend for her maiden journey.
I've been logging some serious hours in the shop this last week so am a bit behind on correspondence, will be hitting email hard tomorrow night.


Marc Troeger said...

Rody, Jay, Katlen, Eric and the fidos...

Thanks for letting me tag along on the inaugral ride. It was an inspiration and a boost to this outofshape mountain biker dude. I hope to be seeing you soon, Rody, about a new ride.


The Commuter said...

The Raystown area received 9 inches of snow thsi past weeekend.
We cancelled a trip there.

Rody said...


It was great meeting you, hope you got that derailleur issue all straightened out :)


Snow was melted off by the next evening...65 and sunny today. Gonna ride on Sunday if you and the boys want to join us.


The Commuter said...

Let me know how it goes. We were really looking forward to going.
Next two weekends are tough.
thanks anyway.

Jay said...

It was an awesome ride. The pictures made me smile. It's been too long since I had good muddy ride. The bike is now cleaned and lubed for this weekend.


OldNSlo said...

WOW! the paint on the bigwheel is just gorgeous! Very nice work Rody!

The Commuter said...

Hey Rody,
What was the total weight of Jays bike?