Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dropouts and stays and files...oh my!

Well, not a bad day in the shop...bent some stays up, sent some chips flying, and am now well prepped to attack the rear end of Roy's El Jefe tomorrow.

The day started out with bending up some chain and seat stays. We're using non-tapered .75" tubing for the highest level of energy transmission to the rear end; .035" for the chain stays and .028" for the seat stays to give a bit more vertical compliance. I used the bender to put a gently 12 degree bend in so that they will lovingly embrace the shape of the rear tire...I'm getting all misty eyed now, how 'bout you?

After my bend session, I put on the ipod my son gave me and started hand fabricating the dropouts. This bike has a lot of custom touches (and a lot of work!...I'm not sure I'm charging Roy enough for this one ;^) ) and some interesting fabrication which is keeping it interesting. We wanted to be able to use modular dropouts so Roy can use the bike for his Rohloff rear hub, but also to retain the ability for possible geared use or single speed use if all goes to hell. To meet the ability for each of the applications, I'm making some dropouts that will accept modular pieces for each application. Normally, I'd use sliders for this, but as we are sticking with Magura Firm-tech rim brakes which do not allow for hardly any adjustment, an EBB has been spec'd. So, enter in the custom dropouts...

They resemble the Paragon sliders and utilize the same modular inserts, but are a fixed position. Roy will be able to simply unbolt the dropout and put in a different one...takes less than five minutes...

but about 5 hours to draw the print, cut stock, mill the part and finish. What you see on the jig is not quite the finished product, but is close.

I'll attach these to the stays with some scalloped ends and they will look ooh soo loovely!
I'm off to see "I am Legend" with my son tonight...catch you cats tomorrow.

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