Saturday, January 19, 2008

A sweet retro/classic ride...

I finished up one of the show frames yesterday...don't want to give too much away but it will be a sweet ride in the classic mtb style. I've called on some friends in the vintage community and scraped together a pretty neat build for this one. Big props go out to Jeff Archer at First Flight bikes and my friends in the vintage community for keeping the flame alive. This one will be fun for me and those involved, I hope some folks who see it appreciate it as well.

I brought in an intern today, I had hoped for some cheap third world labor but decided to invest in our country's folks instead. Em will be taking on the important tasks in the shop; cleaning up chips on the mill and lathe, sweeping floors, and generally looking cool. Glad to have her...she's a straight A student, hip, and works cheap :^)

Attention OSHA...please note the required safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, and requisite sucker.

Going to be building wheels today for Dicks 29er and some of the show bikes. Got a box of uber shiny parts from Phil Wood, some bomber rims from Mavic, and some spoke lovin from the Swiss...should be killer.

Here's a random shop photo to stimulate the eyes...

Catch y'all tomorrow,



steve garro said...

i wish i had me a girl friday to clean chips outta my mill.......maybe i better look into that.....gotta assemble show bikes today too! see ya soon, garro.

Rody said...

Steve, If you did not have Denise bringing home the big bucks you could have a shop betty too! Breakfast together Thursday in Portland? By Way Cafe rocks!


steve garro said...

heck......denise tells me i make too much and screw up the taxes! maybe i gotta go fishin' more. too damn cold right now <0* every morning.....she's out ice skating right now! breakfast thursday sounds awesome. we get there wed. i do get her to sweep in exchange for derailleur adjustments now and then........steve.