Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A big ol round up for ya!

It's late Tuesday night and I'm winding down before hitting the sheets...been a busy couple of days and I've gotta get up in 4 hours, ughh.

I'm going to hit y'all with a collage of photos tonight with a few comments thrown in for fun to catch up on the last couple of days.

Saturday began bright and early with some component build work for the upcoming Handmade Bicycle show. As my office is becoming over run with parts for the show bikes, I thought I'd better begin getting some of them together. Below is a bit of the effort from Saturday...2 Rohloff wheels, a couple of Phil Wood/Mavic wheels, and a few Chris King parts thrown in for good measure.

Sunday saw a visit from the crazy fast man himself...Dick Akers. Dick stopped by to pick up his new Groovy Cross bike. This bike will serve as his winter ride capable of fast group rides, light off road cross fun, and as his long distance race bike. The build consists of some Luv Handles, 9 speed grip shift with carbon derailleur, Saint cranks, Phil Wood wheels and Mavic rims...Sweet! This bike is made to take the abuse that Dick serves out daily. Have fun my man.

Then guess who came strolling into the shop...that's right, it's HOSS. No, not the one from Bonanza, this one rides a bike :^) Hoss is the proud recipient of a freshly coated Slinghot fork that we replaced the steerer tube in. Now the 'shot is ready to launch.

Monday was like a vintage christmas come late...lot's of vintage frames that are scheduled for some structural work and new paint arrived. Can you name all these classic frames? Don't scroll down until you give it a try...answers below.

Classic steel left to right; Serrota T-max, Yo Eddy, Grove Assault, Yo Eddy, and a Hot Head bar.

Today I finished up Tony's Ho Down fork with three coats of clear. Yeah, I know, crappy pic but it was getting late. This fork utilizes a rectangular box crown, 1.0 inch blades and scallopped dropouts. This fork is destined for his Trimble (one of many :) ). Can't wait to see some build pics with it all finished.

While spraying the forks, I began work on my last show frame, a Big Wheel made with Columbus, Dedda, and custom drawn steel. This frame will use Paragon sliding dropouts which will allow for Rohloff, single speed, or geared use. The frame is a bit more utilitarian than the intensive work that went into Roy's Jefe, but will still have some nice touches like custom dual Rohloff cable guides.

I've posted up a few pics of working on the rear end for your enjoyment...I know sexy curves make me all hot and bothered!

Tomorrow, I'll braze up the rear stays, weld up the rear triangle and braces, and throw on some braze ons and she'll be fini!
I'm heading into paint Friday through Monday to jam out all these show bikes so I will be a bit tardy answering email and blogging as I'll be a bit focused, but that doesn't mean that I don't luv y'all. Perhaps I'll post up some in process paint pics...don't want to give away too much though ;^)
See you in a few days,

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