Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Luv Handles for your pleasure...

Today was a mixed day in the shop, got a lot of little stuff done but made no real progress on some of my bigger projects.

I started the day off by finishing the Luv Handles with some decals. The lucky recipients of these smooooth bars are Jason (2 sets), Eric, and Wade; thanks guys! I had a few of this run left for stock, but after a thread on MTBR discussing On One Mary bars that have failed, Jim from Cali gave a little cheer for the Groovy product, posted a link, and just like that, the remaining few were sold by noon...better make some more :)

It's our plan to have a number of bars at the show, so if you will be in Portland for NAHBS, stop by the booth and I'll hook you up with some show pricing...boo yah!
Woo town Eric stopped by the shop to show off his DJ bike, an orange Trek Jack with a Groovy Ho Down fork and new white wheels (how pimp!).

Eric took the ride to Ray's and stirred up a lot of interest in the fork. I feel like an evangilist...keep spreading the word my brothers!

A couple hours were burnt up with cleaning the shop. Mike, of Sherrick Photography (http://www.sherrickphotography.com/), is stopping by tomorrow to shoot some photos for the NAHBS booth. He's a killer photographer and I'm looking forward to getting some cool shots to intrigue people and tell the story about Groovy.

As the evening has wound down, I unpacked the brake parts for Roy's Firm Techs and started some prelim work on the design for the mounts...should not be too hard (fingers crossed) and hoping that I can get them machined and on the frame/fork tomorrow.

Til then friends, take care,



wESd said...

I swear I keep reading your blogs but never get to hear about that 18th and most famous time you saw the lockness monster that you were gonna tell me about .

Rody said...

Well, ol' Locky, as I like to call him came a calling just last week! Had it not been for his demand of three-fitty, that's three dollars and fifty cents, all would have been fine. But I was like, Gol damn Loch Ness Monster, what do you need three fitty for? Get on outta my shop!