Thursday, January 17, 2008

I think the sun came up today???

Whew, long days in the shop.
You know it's been a long day when you've run through your Ipod twice, the battery died, and there's still more to do!

Today started in the shop at 0600 and I'm just winding down to go home (2200)...the family stopped by today to remind me what they look like...that was the highlight of the day for sure :)

Not sure if the sun came out today or not? Aw heck, it's Ohio, of course it didn't!

Well, Roy's Jefe took the final step before paint, a quick trip through the blast cabinet and now it's hanging ready for some liquid vibrance. I'll build the fork next week when I do some others for my show bikes and then I plan on four days sequestered in the paint booth to spray everything up. Anybody have any favorite scheme's that they'd like to see?

With Roy's frame completed, it was turbo speed onto some other work.

I got an entire frame almost done today, working like mad and burning my fingertips cause I was too impatient to wait for things to cool. Still have to put on a few braze ons and finish the dropout details, build a bar for it, and it's on to the paint queue as well.

Mike, of Sherrick Photography, stopped back with some images that he shot yesterday. Here's a cool shot for you to enjoy...

The wait list is growing quickly, I apologize that I have not had an opportunity to update the official list on the web site, , but I'll get to it soon. If you are wanting a frame/fork/stem/etc... in the near future, drop me a line soon. I'm hopeful that I'll bring home some orders from NAHBS to fill out the year.

And the quote of the day that has been running through my head (don't know why?)
"Damn your black heart Barbara Striesand!"
Anyone know who said it? Loved that episode!

Til tomorrow,


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