Sunday, February 10, 2008

All wrapped up...

Well folks, the last of the packing is done and NAHBS is all wrapped up for me. I'm sitting in the hotel room typing when I should be sleeping; got an early flight in the morning.

To give you an idea of how busy it was this weekend... a gentleman who visited my booth said that he had to leave the hall to go to the bathroom and when he tried to return, he had to wait an hour in line as the hall had reached capacity and they would only let one person in as one came out...Yikes! I hated to tell him that there was a restroom just two booths down from mine, INSIDE the exhibit hall :)
The last day of the event was a little bit slower pace but still kept everyone jumping.
There were so many folks on bikes, parking became an issue. People were locking their rides on trees, stairway hand rails, etc... The Portland fire department deemed it a hazard and began cutting locks and throwing bikes into the back of a pick up truck to haul them away. That was some seriously bad kharma :(
The management had to make up some improptu signs to save the owners some serious strife.
Had a couple of VIP guests drop in to check out the hand built bikes this year; Lance Armstrong and Robin Williams. I was really proud of the folks at the show as they let both walk the aisles without any crowds following them around.

Things were brisk at the booth as a lot of the VRC crew stopped in to say hello...Sky, Don, and Eric all were a pleasure to meet and very cool cats.
I finally had time to get some shots of the glad I brought it, the green and white curtains totally looked lame. Thanks to Bill and Hubby for the hard work getting ready and tearing down tonight, I could not have made it without you.

Rasta splatter bike with one piece bar/stem combo, Hot Rod Cranks, NOS white perforated saddle, Ho Down fork, Phil wood wheels and Timbuk two tires.

The VW chestnut brown over sealing wax red with cream panels, sporting WTB drops, Phil/Mavic wheels, ENO crank, Brooks chopped saddle and Potts style LD stem.

Jolly rancher 29er...all the parts for the build were lost by UPS on the way to the show, too bad.

My big treat today was that Steve Potts stopped by the booth and checked out the LD stem and a couple of bikes that I built, giving his nod of approval. I've admired Steve for close to 20 years so that was pretty damn cool. Oh, Roy if you are reading this...he thought your bike was awesome and told me I was a fool if I was not charging at least $10,000 for the complete build. I was too embarrassed to let him know the actual price...
Honestly, one thing most builders I know struggle with is accurately valuing our work; we are better craftsman/artisians than business men and find it difficult to appreciate self value. There was a seminar on running a successful business by Carl Strong that stressed the same thing. I was not able to attend, maybe next year.
It was a good experience. Once I get the show bikes home safely I'll be taking better pics and putting the frames up for sale on the web site, if anyone has interest, please email me :)...
my last post from Portland,

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