Friday, February 8, 2008

An epic day of travel

The plan was to fly out of Pittsburgh International airport and have a leisurely trip to Portland for the show...unfortunately, God had other plans with the weather.

Terrible storms with tornados inundated the country on the day we were traveling, causing a rash of delayed/cancelled/and missed flights. Ironically, the bad weather was covering where we were leaving and our final destination...the rest of the country was peachy keen.

We started out with a 2 hour delay, which was ok as we would still be able to make our connection on time. Then the bottom fell out.

Long story short, I saw many of Americas great airports, dozing on carpeted floors and saggy lounge seats, in the 23 hours it took us to get to Portland. The good news is, we arrived safely, our luggage, including all the Luv Handles and two frames, did not. They were somewhere in the not so friendly skies, winging their own path across the country :(

Once here, the first order of business was to "get some grub on" (get something to eat for our foriegn readers). I love to eat, especially at the little out of the way diners and restaurants that have a lot of character. I met up with Steve and Denise of Coconino Cycles, Bruce Gordon, Brian Bayliss and a pretty hip chick, Yahee (hope I spelled it correctly :) ) who is a good friend of Denise. We had a fantastic breakfast of hash, blueberry cakes and fresh orange juice...yummy!

It turned out to be a popular place as some of the Dirt Rag crew, the brothers Sycip, and the Ingalls of Retrotech were also enjoying the atmosphere and food.

Great conversation and banter was punctuated with the joy of hanging out with folks of like mind. Working as an independant builder, you do not have the opportunity to really talk with others about ideas, methods, and just generally bullshit. It was a pleasure to really engage.

Show set up and media day info will follow tonight...hope everyone is well.


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