Thursday, February 21, 2008

Groovy is expanding

Well folks, the last couple of days have been busy.

I'm busting through the wall and expanding the shop to add a proper paint booth and prep area.

I've been spraying in a "temporary booth" for far too long. With a number of restorations coming up and my desire to have better working space, the time is now. Hate to have the lost build time, but these improvements will definately allow me to produce an even higher quality finish on my products.

The building I adjoin was built in the late 1800's and I had quite a mess to clean up before I could begin constructions. Mostly, I had to remove all the wiring that was in the way...dead end runs, conduit that went every where, and lots of old fixtures that have not worked in years.

The biggest mess was tracing everything back and removing it all from the panels. Took a whole day just to do that. Actually got quite a surprise when I tried to open a secondary remote panel. The cover would not come off...what's going on? Double checked that I did not leave any screws in place (don't laugh, it happens :) ), looked for hinges or set clips...none. So, all that was left was brute force. I pulled hard on the cover plate and it came free. Only then did I realize what was holding it. An improperly installed wire had literally welded it's self to the panel cover, holding it in place. So glad I installed an all new panel and service for the shop...this old stuff is scary.

The new space will hold the relocated compressor, a 10x12 paint booth, and a separate room for the blast cabinet and bake box.

The new booth will be OSHA and NFPA 33 approved, having explosion proof lights and fans. It will be set up with cross ventilation using a positive pressure intake fan and a filtered exhaust fan. I'm also installing a custom air brush station...should be pretty sweet.

The work is going slowly as I'm doing it all myself. Should be done by next week. Here are some pics of the stuff so far.

Looking across the newly added area.

The rough cut wall through to the existing shop space.

My compressor has a new home...just gotta get the inline filters on it.
All the boxes landed home from the show today, glad to get it all back in one piece...a much better outcome than the trip out.
Lot's of lovely wheels...
And as my parting shot, you know you've made it as a business when you begin to get Maxim magazine ( a blatantly marketed mag with half naked chicks for 12-26 year olds) sent to the shop for free. Some one call my mom, she'd be so proud ;)

Take care all,

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