Saturday, February 2, 2008

Puzzle of the day and kickin Tees...

All right folks, spent the day fabricating some of my last items necessary for the North American Handmade bicycle show and they are a dilly of a puzzle for you to figure out.

Here's a chance to get yer self a sticker sent right to you in your own living room, that's right, it's better than a 70's game show!
The first one to click on the little comment link below the post and correctly tell me what this gadget is for will get some Groovy Lovin sent to them.
Put on yer thinkin' caps and giver what fer...

Despite the last pic, they are used individually and have something to do with our favorite form of transportation, the two wheeled velocipede.

I'll give out the correct answer Monday night and announce the lucky winner :)

On to other buisness...

Tees are in!

The last shipment of tee's went out of here like nickle beers at a county fair (that's like, really fast, for you city dwellers ) so here's your chance to pick up the latest version.

It is a 50/50 cotton blend ringer tee with heather brown shirt and chocolate brown rings on the collar and sleeves. The perfect colors for your after ride lounging as dirt and grease will blend right in and won't even look like it needs washed for like, I dunno, 6 months at least (if you can stand the stink that long) ;)

Printing on the front and back for peoples pleasure as you come and go.

A shot of the front graphics.

And below is the back...

Cost is $17.50 for the shirt and 5 bucks shipping in the US, 10 dollars overseas.

I'll be taking them with me to the show, but if you want your's before they are gone again, you can send the money by paypal to .

If you have not yet checked out NAHBS, looky here; , lot's of good stuff :)




eric said...

Looks like display stands to me. Holds the bike by the BB?

Maverick Solutions said...

I think Eric already got it. Those are your basic kick-stands.

Roy said...
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Roy said...

Custom made twinny loads for transport on the car :-)
If not, please drop in a XL and L GROOVY Tees anyway with my Polka Dot beauty (..and ad 'm on the bill :-)..)
Cheers and all the best on NAHBS

Rob said...

If that's the Eric I think it is, he probably cheated... lol :P