Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Off to NAHBS...

Well guys, I'm off to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show to represent all things good and retro inspired. I'll be taking Bill Grove with me and giving him free reign with the camera while I tend to the masses at my booth.
I'll try to update my blog nightly with some cool pics, happenings, and what not.

I'll be taking three retro inspired show bikes, one modern 29er, and the first road frame I ever built back in 94, now refinished and destined for my son.

Without giving away too much of what is in store, one of the bikes is a tribute to one of my all time favorite vehicles; a 1958 VW Bus painted in chestnut brown and sealing wax red. I built a special stem for this one that pays tribute to another one of my favs...the Potts. The stem turned out very nice and it matches the lines of the bus well too.
I've always enjoyed the Ross Schafer Jelly bean rasta paint and wanted to do a variation on it as well...kind of a neo-retro classic build. Here's a quick hint of what is happening with it...
Had the shop full of folks this last couple of days working to get it all ready...even had Big K rubbing his nubbins to the bone on some of the Aluminum parts. Thank goodness for Mother's polish!

As for the contest puzzle, looks like Eric was first on the pickup...the piece was an adjustable sliding stand to hold the show bikes by the chain stay. They got a nice coat of flat black, some comfy foam and a D-ring buckle system to fasten everything tight. Eric, send me your mailing addy and I'll get some stickers out to you after the show :)

Looks like I'll be able to get at least a couple hours of sleep before heading to the airport...you can rest when you're dead, right? ;^)

Talk to you all soon,


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