Sunday, February 24, 2008

The booth is taking shape...

The paint booth is starting to come together. The first view is looking through the entrance from the shop, where the blaster and bake box sit. The booth will have a sealed glass door, and to each side, one of the 7'x3' inch thick laminated glass panes to let in some natural light as well as let others see the liquid luv being applied :) .
The door is one of my favorite parts of the booth. It was a rescue from the old Italian restaurant that use to sit next door; Giovannas. The building was torn down in the early ninetys and we've had the front door saved for something special ever since. The side windows are pretty cool too. The double layer glass panes are incredibly heavy and meet OSHA's explosion proof criteria, so they should be good to go. Got them for an incredible price from my local Habitat for Humanity Re-store...a collection of salvaged and new building materials for sale with profits to benefit new home construction for families without the financial means for sustainable housing.
There are a total of 14 glass enclosed 4' lights to brighten things up...if I decide to call it quits in the bicycle biz some day, I could use it for a tanning booth ;)
Hoping to finish the wiring and begin laying on the fireproof drywall tomorrow.
Working by yourself, things always seem to move more slowly than you'd like, but the effort will be well worth it.
I've been a bit lax in answering email the last 2 days, a combination of lack of time and energy. When I opened up the inbox just now, I had 42 new emails. I'll try to answer them all today, but if I missed you, please send me a quick reminder and I'll get on it.
The latest batch of luv handles are finished up and will ship out Monday. Currently, all 20 are spoken for.
I am planning on a second run to be ready in 2 weeks, of those, a third have deposits. If you want a bar, drop me an email or a deposit by Paypal and I'll put you on the list.
The bars have been getting some talk on some of the MTBR forums, here are a few reports and ride reviews...thanks to Jim and Martn for providing the info for all :)
If you've got a deposit in and are on the build list you already know that the best way to keep up with what is going on is to check the website and follow the blog. I'll be updating the build list soon to break it up into frames, forks, and bars so that it is easier to track.
You can check the current listing here;
Praying for spring to arrive...


steve garro said...

score on the windows! you probally didn't notice at my shop but the big windows have addreses on them.....they used to be aluminum shop doors. we saws-all'ed the al frames off and framed them up with wood - 100% free! steve.

Rody said...


Now that's what I'm talking about...feels good to save something usefull from the landfill, doesn't it?