Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday happenings and a bit of shop time...

Came into the shop early yesterday to get some work done before I spent the afternoon with my family.

My wife's 12th anniversary of her 28th birthday (shh, do the math quietly, she does not like the number 40), Mother's Day, and my son's birthday all passed me by due to work, so we rolled them all up into this afternoon for a big celebration fest.

So, before I could cut out, I fabbed up this killer stem for Tin Tin in the Uk that will go on his Trimble Carbon frame. It came out so nice I'm thinking of replacing my Thomson with one as soon as I get a free minute to fab one for myself.

The stem will get a nice single bolt rear binder and then a glossy black finish before shipping out.

Also got a chance to talk with Jay and Chris on their inprogress/upcoming builds. Should be some cool bikes coming out of the shop in the next few weeks.

Got the word from Big Don Walker that the registration packets are ready for NAHBS 09 in Indy. Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about the show for next year already but am already looking forward to it. I've got some neat ideas for a frame I'd like to build for a customer that I think will hit about that timeline. It's going to have some serious retro styling and incorporate all NOS Deerhead components, should be killer!

Today I'm going to finish off two more stems and then get to cutting on the Ti Luv material.

Oh, fyi...the June batch of Luv's are sold out as of last Friday, so any new orders will be looking at July.



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Sabrosa Cycles said...

Absolutely - trade out the Thomson! The stem is gorgeous. The oval-ness makes it look mighty comfy.