Sunday, May 25, 2008

Phat Jay's the paint booth!

Welcome Sunday morning...

I finished Jason's frame fabrication today under bright blue skies...would have loved to go ride today but the press of commitments and feeling a bit under the weather still kept me working instead.

I silver brazed on the top tube hydro guides, and drilled and brazed the Rohloff chainstay bosses. As this bike is going to be used primarily as a single speed, but with the possibility of using a Rohloff for geared play in the future, I've installed 5 bosses that will accept custom machined aluminum clamps to hold the twin cables in place when used, but allow for a clean look without obtrusive pieces when running as a singly. I particularly like the ones on the non-drive chainstay; I locate the boss on the inside of the chainstay so you can't see it, but allowing for a small aluminum mitered plate to attach and hold the cables tight to the bottom of the stay for clean tight routing. The bosses are located out of the way of the tire so mud clearance is maintained...Sweet!

So, here's Jason's completed frame, with all vent holes taped and bosses with bolts, ready for blasting. Before I paint though, I ream the seat tube, tap the bottom bracket, and prep all the boss threads. It's easier to do this now, as once it is painted, it really sucks to get cutting fluid on the fresh finish or risk chipping it with a sharp tool.

Here I'm getting ready to ream the seat tube to 27.2 to correct for any shrinkage from welding.

Once the seat tube is a nice slip fit, I move on to the bottom bracket...

After all the clean up work, I blow off the frame, wipe it with a solvent, and send it off to the blast cabinet...the finished product, ready for paint : )

So while I was busy blasting, Cubby decided to take a nap in his favorite truly is a dog's life!
Tomorrow is the Memorial day holiday, I'll be serving the public and thinking of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.



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