Friday, May 9, 2008

A quick end of week wrap up

Ok folks, just a few quick notes and pics to wrap up the week...

It always worries me shipping items, I really want them to arrive looking/functioning as well as when I package them up, so sending bikes across the pond is even more stressfull for me. Roy finally received his polka dot bike. After a long and publicized road getting to Holland, including NAHBS, a MTBR interview, and a shot in the most recent Mountain Bike Action, it's finally home.

Roy was good enough to take it out and get some pics for the blog...enjoy!

Pink Tulips? I guess so, it is Holland.

Looking to the horizon anticipating future journeys...

A satisfied customer...

Earlier this week, I worked on a segmented fork for White's Bicycles. This is a Yo Eddy style fork with disc tab built for a suspension corrected 29er. I painted it up in "polished aluminum" to match Brad's customers Niner frame.

The build went really well. One of the caveats of this particular paint is that it shows ever irregularity, so you have to be ever so aware of the details in the finished fabrication. I think it came out pretty spiffy.

Hopefully the end customer will send in a pic when it's all built up (hint, hint).

All layed out on the set up table...

tacked up in the fixture...

A shot of the tig bead at the segmented crown. Tight miters keep it small and strong.

A riders view...

The finished product...
After weeks of waiting, I took delivery of material I've been waiting on to bust out some stems. Seems like the increasing price of gasoline is taking a toll on everyone...the shipper kept the items until he could provide a full load for the flatbed truck, thus, I sit waiting. At least I've got enough to do so I was not twiddling my thumbs :)

Finally, I began working on Phat Jay's frame. Got the head tube faced and reamed, bb faced and tapped, and ovalized the down tube. I should have the main triangle finished tomorrow. I'll post a few pics.

Well, it's 10:00 pm and I've done my 14 hours for the day so I'm heading home.

Catch y'all tomorrow ;)



Wolfhound Cycles said...

Hey Rody-
Thought I'd stop by and check out some killer crazy finishes Groove style, you're letting the beast run wild in that paint booth aren't you!

Heard you got to crash Garro's party a while back, must have been fun.


Rody said...


Good to hear from you...yep, things have been rocking out here in the big city of Woo.

When are you going to come out and sample some advanced machining and a little play time...time to let the hounds run free!