Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jason's frame in paint

Found my camera cord...yippee!

Ok, feeling a bit tired tonight and am hoping to catch Christi before she's in bed for the night so the commentary will be short ;)

First shot...the bars and fork blasted and ready for primer.

Frame all blasted, chemically prepped, ready for primer...

All pieces parts feeling very happy with their first solid coat of primer...into the bake box they go!

Once out, they get sanded smooth and another coat of the grey green stuff for extra protection :)

All primered up and sanded again, it's time to start laying down the color. Jason wanted a kicked up Polka dot paint with bright colors, so away we go...

If you look close, you can see the masking under the layer's of paint

Moving through a couple of coats, we arrive at the final top coat, a nice powder blue...

Once it flashes out, it's time to remove the leg becomes a polka dot massacre pallet...

The frame in it's spotted glory. The green came out darker in the pics than in reality. The first coat of clear is on. It'll get baked, sanded, then decals applied and off for 3 more clear coats.

I should finish the paint tomorrow and I'll be welding up the Luv Handle's in between curing coats.

See you in the am,


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Phat Jay said...


For months I Have been on the fence about what color the bike was going to be. I had this Idea and then I thought these colors would be better... back and forth, back and forth the whole time Rody just smiling like he does and saying "it will come to you, we have time." Well the time came and I still didn't know so we talked about some primary colors and he said he had a good Idea of what I was after.

Well I know the bike is not finished but Rody you sure do know how to make a guy happy! That bike with that color scheme is exactly what I have been dreaming about for the past six month....

Thank You!

Phat Jay