Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back into production mode...


It's that time again...Luv Handle production for the month is in full swing.

I finished my FD commitments Tuesday morning at 0700 for the week and hustled on over to the shop. First order of business was getting Johnny's frame all finished up so he can race in the OMBC series this coming weekend at Alum Creek. A nice glossy orange powder coat was the choice for the second half of the season. Kalten broke out the polish and spiffed up the White Industries parts and the headbadge and I got started on reassembling.

Zach at Bikes Trikes and Boards is rebuilding his front fork so once that is done, John will be ready to race.

The Luv Handle production was the next item on the list...busing out 32 of them this month. That is a LOT of cutting, mitering, sanding and welding. I had to enlist the help of Aaron and Kalten to move through these as efficiently as we could this month. Everything moved pretty well...a couple more months of training on these and the boys will really be able to help put out some numbers ;)

Center sections all cut up and ready to go...

Cutting up the grip sections...two lengths this month; 26" wide and 28" wide

Deburred inside and out and now getting the mill scale sanded off the business end

Off to the wash and degrease...K final air drying prior to end cap welding

Lots of bar grips with end caps all welded up

Lets start welding these together! Only 31 more to go :)

The August delivery list is now full...any new reservations will now begin the September list.

Hoping to get out on the bike tonight. Got on the scale this morning and weigh more than I ever have (yikes!) so I'll have to start finding time to get back on the bike with some regularity and intensity.




Randy said...

Great work Rody. Getting antsy, and looking forward to getting accustomed to my luv handle; I plan to use it for the Allamuchy 24!

Rody said...

Sweet Randy, the 24 will be a challenge physically for ya, best of luck!